APNS Early Career Psychologist Group

Chair: Erica Lundberg, MA, RPsych

The Early Career Psychologist (ECP) group  is open to Psychologists in Nova Scotia who are in their first 10 years of practice. This definition is based on the APA criteria for APA Early Career Psychologists.

The mandate of the APNS ECP is to provide support, resources and advocacy for Early Career Psychologists (ECPs) in Nova Scotia.  Early Career will be defined as Psychologists approaching the end of their studies (e.g. completed coursework and involved in an internship program) or within their first 10 years of practice. Objective of the ECP include:

  • Education. Provide information and education on topics of interest to Early Career Psychologists.
  • Mentoring – Provide opportunities for mentorship (e.g. opportunities to consult with more experienced Psychologists, presentations on various topics by more experienced Psychologists, etc.).
  • Networking – Provide opportunities for networking with other psychologists (e.g. social events).
  • Social Support – Provide opportunities to consult and discuss experiences with other Early Career Psychologists.
  • Advocacy – Play a role in advocating for issues of concern to Early Career Psychologists.

Please join us in representing the concerns and interests of Early Career Psychologists, and in promoting the profession of psychology in Nova Scotia. Membership in the ECP is open to any Nova Scotia Psychologists who fits the above description. While you are not required to be a member of APNS to participate, we do encourage you to join to take advantage of the benefits of membership in APNS.

Visit the ECP Facebook Page

If you have questions or would like to join us, please contact the ECP Chair, Erica Lundberg or Susan Marsh at apns@apns.ca