Post-Trauma Services Committee

Committee Chair

Dean Perry, M.Sc.

Committee Mandate

  • Development, coordination and review of direct and indirect psychological services following a disaster
  • Encouragement of co-ordinated mental health services to call upon in time of disaster or smaller scale critical incidents
  • Facilitation of education and training experiences for psychologists interested in or involved in providing services related to disaster or critical incident
  • Provision of information to the APNS Exec for use in government negotiations regarding post-trauma services and when requested by the Executive, negotiation with municipal, provincial and federal government officials
  • Development of resources and public education regarding psychology’s role with respect to disaster or critical incidents


The APNS Post-Trauma Services committee is interested in hearing from any Psychologist who would like to participate. Please view the Orientation document and complete the information form.

When complete please e-mail it to or Fax to: 902-462-9801. For more information please contact Dean Perry

Post-Trauma Committee Orientation – 2015

PTC Roster Form