Fees for Psychological Services

Recommended Rate for Psychologists’ Fees in Nova Scotia

Please be advised that effective October 1, 2015 the Association of Psychologists of Nova Scotia (APNS) has set the recommended fee for psychological services provided by Psychologists registered with the Nova Scotia Board of Examiners in Psychology at $170 per hour.

This fee increase is based on a survey of the Association’s membership, a review of the recommended rates in other provinces, as well as a comparison to rates being charged by other mental health professionals in Nova Scotia.

APNS does not regulate the rate charged by psychologists; however, this figure is offered as a general guideline to assist individual Psychologists in representing themselves and the level of fees that they may be expected to charge. This guideline also is intended to provide information for users of psychological services, whether corporate, insurance, government, or individual clients.

Please keep in mind that there may be regional variation in the fee charged, as well as differences in fees depending on the nature of services provided. Psychologists may offer a rate that is higher or lower than this figure in order to accurately reflect the current market value of psychological services being provided in their area.

If you have any questions concerning this rate please contact the APNS office at 902-422-9183, or email apns@apns.ca.

Download formal letter: Fee Increase Advisory October 2015