APNS Membership

APNS Membership


  • Full Member: Holds a graduate degree in psychology acceptable to APNS or currently on the Register of Psychologists or Candidate Register of Psychologists of the NS Board of Examiners in Psychology (or equivalent Provincial/State Licensing Board).
  • Retired/Inactive Member: Eligible for APNS membership as described under Full; however, has retired or have taken a temporary leave of absence from the profession of psychology.
  • Student Member: Enrolled full-time in an academic institution and employed less than 50% of the year (internships & practica exempt).
  • In Absentia: Residing outside of Nova Scotia for at least one year and maintains membership and receives the Nova Scotia Psychologist and other APNS mailings but forgoes voting and office holding rights.
  • APNS also may identify individual Psychologists to be named as Honourary Members

A Membership form 2017-18 is available to download.

APNS Membership LIST 2017 as of February 2017 (PDF)

Member Services

The following services are available to APNS members:

Peer Consultation

Ethical Consultation


Contact us at:

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