NOVA SCOTIA MASS SHOOTING: Psychological Support Services

Please be advised that as of October 1st APNS has closed it free services for those affected by this event. APNS and its member psychologists were gratified to be able to provide the support. If you have any questions regarding the standard APNS referral service do not hesitate to

APNS is providing psychological support for those affected by the tragic events of April 18 and 19 in Nova Scotia. See NSHAAPNS Psychologist Collaboration Media Release.

Phone Susan Marsh at 902 422-9183, 9 am to 3 pm Monday to Friday to request one of the following options:

  1. Psychological Support Session

    One free session with a psychologist. The session will be an opportunity to discuss how the mass shooting events are affecting you, and ways of coping. It also will be an opportunity to talk about how you might access further help.

  2. Psychological Pro Bono Referral List

    This service offers up to five free sessions with a psychologist for those who have been directly affected by the shootings.

NOTE: All services will be provided via on-line video conference or by telephone, due to COVID-19 restrictions.