HomeBridge Youth Society

POSITION: Psychologist contract position
ORGANIZATION: Milestones Psychological Services
LOCATION: Halifax, Nova Scotia

  • Classification: Clinical
  • Reports to: Director of Operations
  • May receive supervision or direction from: Executive Director or the Director of Youth Care Services


  • Master’s Degree in Psychology
  • Registered or Candidate Register Psychologist with the Nova Scotia Board of Examiners in Psychology
  • Three years clinical experience working with youth and families
  • Two years clinical experience in an adult or youth mental health setting
  • Demonstrated ability to work effectively on a multi-disciplinary team


Within Bridges for Learning and the six HomeBridge Youth Society programs, the framework and practice of youth care is resourced by clinical interpretations of client needs and a systemic analysis of family, context and structural dynamics. The psychologist position represents one partner within the multidisciplinary team. This position entails a 40-hour work week; most duties fall between 8:00 am and 6:00 pm with occasional evening and weekend work. Operational supervision is provided by the Director of Operations.

While it is recognized that everyone working on the multi-disciplinary team employs clinical approaches, the clinical team refers to the social worker, psychologist, care coordinator and program coordinator who work as a support team within the youth care approach.


The incumbent is required to perform, exhibit and lead by example in the following areas:

  • Analytical and conceptual thinking
  • Client service orientation
  • Communication skills (verbal and written)
  • Knowledge sharing and developing others
  • Valuing diversity


1. To provide direct clinical assessment to individual youth receiving service from HomeBridge Youth Society by:

  • Conducting psychoeducational assessments and presenting results to caregivers and family
  • Consult with parents/guardians and caregivers in order to optimize intervention planning and accommodations, if necessary

2. To provide psychological consultation to facility/program teams

3. To assist HomeBridge Youth Society program development

4. To provide a community link between the systems of residential youth care and adolescent mental health

5. To adhere to the HomeBridge Youth Society Code of Conduct, the Canadian Code of Ethics for Psychologists, and the Standards of Practice as set by the Nova Scotia Board of Examiners in Psychology

6. To research, collaborate and develop further programming for the Expressions Program of the Arts in consultation with the Expressions team

7. To oversee and facilitate new and existing community partnerships within the Bridges for Learning Program (e.g., Youth Employability Project)

8. To research, oversee, and co-facilitate the Social and Emotional Learning curriculum in the Bridges for Learning classroom

9. To develop a comprehensive understanding of the concepts and application of the youth care model of practice as it relates to effective interventions with youth and families

10. Demonstrate an ability to articulate a framework as requested for clinical intervention with families which is in accordance with the youth care model of practice

11. To conduct academic screening for any students in the Bridges for Learning program or youth residing in other programs within the HomeBridge community

General Position Expectations relative to Personal Development and Self Awareness:

1. To possess active self-awareness

2. To be committed to professional growth

3. To commit adherence to the HomeBridge Youth Society Code of Professional Conduct

4. To be able to work effectively with external systems and persons

5. To understand the need for flexibility and adaptation in working within a residential youth care setting, and the implications for adjusting priorities and scheduling.

Framework for Practice:

The framework utilized by the clinical team includes recognition of the systemic issues which operate in the lives of youth and their families, including:

  • unequal economic power distribution
  • gender socialization
  • sex role stereotypes
  • regionalism as it relates to the socialization process
  • heterosexism and homophobia
  • sexism
  • institutions of family, school and media
  • class
  • race
  • recognition and understanding that interpersonal difficulties often arise from pressures inherent in unequal societal structures and lie within a structural context, rather than from an individually pathologized experience

This framework seeks to broaden personal experience to the political sphere through an analysis of systemic issues and power imbalances. The process for this broadening usually involves consciousness rising in order to develop insight into what impacts the course of people’s lives.


The work environment demands a strong concentration and the ability to focus while maintaining sensitivity and appreciation of the delicate balance required in working with the clientele. Work hours are based on client needs. Incumbent may be required to travel to other HomeBridge facilities, public schools or other locations as directed. Access to a vehicle is preferred. Must be able to work independently or in a team environment, and under stressful conditions. Working environment often requires sensitivity to cultural, societal differences, and appropriate protocols. Working conditions include physical, emotional and mental demands.


A comprehensive benefits package is available after a three-month waiting period.

The salary range is $71,639-$91,432 and will be negotiated based on the successful incumbent’s education and experience.

Please send a cover letter and current resume to the following email address:selectioncommittee@homebridgeyouth.ca