WEBINAR: Treating Adults in Later Life

This workshop is intended to have both didactic and experiential/interactive components. It will therefore be a participatory event where delegates engage and interact with each other. Led by a presenter with clinical and research experience related to mental health in later life, this workshop should provide participants with at least 3 tangible perspectives, skills, and/or techniques (i.e., learning outcomes). If this workshop works as planned it should be innovative, interactive, inclusive, integrative, developmental, provocative, logistically sound, and provide both novice and experienced psychologists with an opportunity to continue their professional development. Download brochure.

Learning goals – through attendance and participation in this workshop, participants will:

  1. Explore challenges to well-being in later life, integrating information from the research literature with their own lived and clinical experiences.
  2. Deepen their understanding of how mental health changes across the adult lifespan, as well as why it changes.
  3. Investigate reasons why older adults with mental health problems are especially unlikely to seek help, and consider ways of addressing this challenge.
  4. Review a model that guides clinicians in adapting psychotherapy to the needs of diverse older adults.