Sheila MacNeil

RPsych (Registered Psychologist)

  • Highest Academic Graduate Degree: PhD
  • Gender: Female
  • NSBEP Reg. # R0512

Dr. Sheila MacNeil is trained as a sex therapist specializing in providing talk therapy for couples and individuals experiencing sexual dysfunction or concerns. She has conducted independent research and consulted on others’ research in human sexuality, specifically in the areas of sexual communication, sexual problems, and sexual satisfaction.

Dr. MacNeil has been an invited, peer-reviewed speaker on the treatment of sexual concerns and her work has been published in peer-reviewed, scientific journals and textbooks on human sexuality. She does not conduct forensic or court-ordered assessments or therapy; for these referral sources, please consult the APNS directory further.

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Practitioner Particulars

Private Practice

Lesley Hartman and Associates

Suite 209
3845 Joseph Howe Drive
Halifax NS  B3L 4H9
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Sheila MacNeil’s Availability

By appointment