APNS Executive

The APNS is governed by the Executive Committee . The Executive Committee of the Association of Psychologists of Nova Scotia (APNS) is responsible for guiding the strategic direction of the association, ensuring adherence to its mission, and upholding its values. Their duties include setting policies, overseeing financial management, and advocating for the professional interests of psychologists within the province. By collaborating with members, government and stakeholders, the Executive Committee strives to advance the field of psychology and support the well-being of the community.

Executive Committee

Kim O’Connor, President
Chimène Jewer, Past President
Dr. Tara Power, President Elect
Dawson Wambolt, Treasurer
Dr. Melissa McGonnell, Secretary
Dr. Kathryn Bell, Member-at-Large H.R.
Dr. Marcel Peloquin, Member-at-Large
Lindsay Victor, Member-at-Large
Emily Wildeboer and Alzena Ilie,
Co-Student Representatives

APNS Constitution

Strategic Management Team

A sub-committee of the Executive Committee that provides oversight and on-going management of the Strategic Plan, including new initiatives in development, through monitoring, evaluating, and reporting on progress of the Plan to the Executive.

Advisory Board

Provide guidance and make recommendations in maintaining best practices for APNS services and activities. The mandate includes:

  • Advising on new, or revisions to, APNS policies, guidelines and procedures as required.
  • Providing specialized editorial advise on content of policy papers, public materials and advocacy campaigns.
  • Defining guidelines and providing oversight on APNS support of psychological research projects ensuring they are in-line with the mandate of the association.
  • Developing guidelines, best practices and evaluation procedures as required to ensure quality of APNS volunteer services and member input through APNS service rosters.
  • Providing expertise in areas not available on the Executive.