Honours and Awards

APNS recognizes and inspires excellence through the presentation of honours and awards that celebrate the people who make our society a better place to live.


The Dr. Charles J.A. Hayes Lifetime Contribution Award

This honour recognizes those who have spent a significant part of their professional lifetime supporting APNS, as well as the profession of psychology at the provincial, national and international level. The name of the Award serves to honour Dr. Charles J.A. Hayes, a well-respected Psychologist and long-time APNS member and pioneer whose career may be said to be a model of lifetime commitment.

Past Award Winners

  • Dr. Victor Day – 2022
  • Dr Patrick O’Neill – 2021
  • Dr David Pilon – 2020

Outstanding APNS Early Career Psychologist Award

This award recognizes the challenges of being an Early Career Psychologist, in the first 10 years of their career. The recipient of this award is an APNS member who has actively participated in APNS at the committee or Executive level and has used the services of APNS to advance their career in psychology.

Past Award Winners

  • No nominations – 2022
  • Dr Jennifer Richards – 2021
  • Erica Lundberg – 2020
  • Chimѐne Jewer – 2015

Outstanding APNS Student Award

This award recognizes the challenges of preparing for a career in psychology at either the masters or doctoral level. The recipient of this award is an APNS student member who has participated in the association at the Committee or Executive level and has actively used the services of APNS and who hopes to pursue a career in psychology in Nova Scotia.

Past Award Winners

  • No nominations – 2022
  • Jason Isaacs – 2021
  • Kat Merwin – 2020
  • Stephanie Snow – 2015

The APNS Excellence in Psychology Award

This is a new award that addresses the mid-career psychologist, in the 11 to 30-year professional range. The award is given on the basis of contributions to professional and volunteer activities while acting as a psychologist. The award may be given for work in a broad range of areas, e.g., area of practice (health, forensic, neuropsychology, addictions, assessment); work setting (school, hospital, private practice, teaching, research, rural); specific populations (child, teen, geriatric, couple, diverse groups, first responders, veterans, marginalized populations); specific treatment area (PTSD, pain, grief, workplace, etc.); and peer-related (supervision, mentoring, peer support, consultation, collaboration).

Past Award Winners

  • Dr Erica Baker – 2022
  • Dr Joanne Gillespie – 2021
  • No nominations – 2020

The APNS Community Service Award for Psychologists

This is a new award that recognizes the contributions of psychologists who do outstanding volunteer service in the community beyond their role as a psychologist. It acknowledges and raises awareness of the important contributions that psychologists make to the greater community. These contributions may include on-going volunteer work or commitment to a specific community or cause, e.g., fostering inclusion, promoting sensitivity and understanding of marginalized populations, poverty and health promotion initiatives.

Past Award Winners

  • Kay Jenson – 2022
  • Madeleine Stobbe – 2021
  • Seth Wahlin-Stern – 2020

The APNS Community Service Award in Mental Health for non-Psychologists

This award, formerly known as the President’s Award recognizes the contributions of non-psychologists who have made valuable contributions to the community in a health and wellness setting or through other activities that touch and benefit the greater community by raising awareness or advocating for mental health or wellness issues. Award recipients are individuals who work on their own or are closely associated with organizations, or organizations for their specific programs or initiatives.

Past Award Winners

  • No nominations – 2022
  • Sherry Bernard, President, Loon Lake Cherry Brook Development Association – 2021
  • LOVE Nova Scotia (formerly Leave Out Violence NS) – 2020
  • Leona Burkey, Executive Director, Brain Injury Association of Nova Scotia – 2019
  • Peter Gabriel, Health and Wellness Consultant formerly with Emergency Medical Care, Inc. – 2018
  • Laing House – 2012
  • Kings Early Years Screening for Schools Program – 2010
  • King’s View Academy – 2007
  • Mary Walsh, entertainer and TV personality – 2004
  • Dr. Elsie Blake, Program Administrator, counseling/support program for claimants of institutional abuse
  • Dr. John Butt, former Chief Medical Examiner for Nova Scotia
  • Anne Derrick, lawyer
  • Costas Halavrezos, CBC Radio Noon Host

Psychologically Healthy Workplace Award

This award is currently in transition.

The Gerald Gordon Memorial Prize for Psychology Undergrad Students

This prize is awarded for outstanding undergraduate achievement in Psychology in Nova Scotia. It is named for Dr. Gerald Gordon to honour the contribution he made to APNS and to the development of the Psychology Act, which resulted in the creation of the Nova Scotia Board of Examiners in Psychology. The terms of reference for the award were designed to reflect his belief in the importance of rewarding excellence at the undergraduate level as one means of encouraging promising students to consider a career in psychology.

From 1972 to his death in March 1994, he was Executive Director of the Atlantic Child Guidance Centre. He also held part-time academic appointments in psychology at Mt. St. Vincent and Dalhousie University. He served as President of APNS in 1975-76 and was the first Chair of the Nova Scotia Board of Examiners in Psychology. He is a Fellow of APNS, the Canadian Psychological Association and an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society. In 1993 he was awarded the Karl F. Helser Presidential award for Advocacy on behalf of Professional Psychology by the American Psychological Association.

Past Gordon Winners

  • Jillian Taylor – Saint Mary’s University – 2022
  • Lindsay Wyatt – Acadia University – 2021
  • Mariam Elgendi – Dalhousie University – 2020
  • Jessie Doyle – St Francis Xavier University – 2019
  • Emily Baxendale – Saint Mary’s University – 2018
  • T-Jay Anderson – Dalhousie University – 2017
  • Meredith Ivany – Dalhousie University – 2016
  • Patrick Bazinet – Acadia University – 2014
  • Karisa Parkington – Dalhousie University – 2013
  • Kevin MacDonald – Cape Breton University – 2012
  • Michelle Kerr – Dalhousie University – 2011
  • Catherine Hilchey – Dalhousie University – 2010
  • Patrick Horsman – Saint Mary’s University – 2009
  • Natasha Buchanan – Mount Saint Vincent University – 2008
  • Emily Russell – Acadia University – 2007

The Brian Dufton Memorial Prize for Psychology Grad Students

This prize is awarded for outstanding graduate achievement in Psychology in Nova Scotia. It is named for Dr. Brain Dufton to honour the contribution he made to the education of Psychology students. Dr. Dufton was employed with the Western Regional Health Boards as a health psychologist at Valley Regional hospital when he died in 2000 at the age of 45. He coordinated health promotion development for the Western Regional Mental Health program and was second author/reviewer of the Provincial Mental Health Review, Mental Health: A Time for Action.

Dr. Dufton was an honorary Research Associate and instructor in the Department of Psychology at Acadia University as well as an instructor at St. Mary’s University, a clinical psychologist at the Victoria General Hospital and a member of the Educational Board of the Canadian Diabetes Association. He was a recipient of the Connaught Nova Nordisk Manuscript award for outstanding manuscripts.

Past Dufton Winners

  • Tiberiu Mahu – Dalhousie University – 2022
  • Meaghan Rossi – Dalhousie University – 2021
  • Sara Bartel – Dalhousie University – 2020
  • Ivy-Lee Kehayes – Dalhousie University – 2019
  • Kristen Higgins – Dalhousie University – 2018
  • Perri Tutelman – Dalhousie University – 2017
  • Katelynn Boerner – Dalhousie University – 2016
  • Kate Rancourt – Dalhousie University – 2015
  • Ainsley Boudreau – Dalhousie University -2014
  • Katherine Birnie & Janine Olthuis – Dalhousie University -2013
  • Mark Petter – Dalhousie University – 2012
  • Jillian Filliter – Dalhousie University – 2011
  • Natasha Scott – Saint Mary’s University – 2010
  • Sonya Stevens – Saint Mary’s University – 2009
  • Valerie Grant – Dalhousie University – 2008
  • Jennifer Mullane – Dalhousie University – 2007


APNS Diversity in Psychology Bursary

This Bursary will assist Psychology students who identify as African Nova Scotian, Indigenous, immigrant, having a disability, LGBTQ+2S, or other minority in their pursuit of post-secondary education in the profession of Psychology with a long-term goal of having a more diverse profession.

Past Bursary Winners

  • Noemie Bergeron-Germain (Acadia University) and Andy Kim (Dalhousie University – 2022)
  • Karen Tang (Dalhousie University) – 2021
  • Lydia Muyingo (Dalhousie University) – 2020

Designated Honours

Fellow of APNS

This designation honours those individuals who have made significant and enduring contributions to APNS. They are psychologists who have helped shape the Association and have contributed to the development of psychology in Nova Scotia. It is specific to those who are members of APNS. The award has been given since the late 1970s. To date 37 people have been named Fellow.

List of Fellows

  • Dave Doig – 1978
  • Victor Parliament – 1979
  • Ronald Backman – 1980
  • Gerry Gordon – 1980
  • Elizabeth Manuge – 1980
  • Maeann Stevens – 1982
  • Wayne MacDonald – 1983
  • Judith Hayashi – 1984
  • Charles J. A. Hayes – 1985
  • E. George Nichols – 1987
  • Victor Day – 1989
  • Michael Fowler – 1991
  • Joseph M. Byrne – 1993
  • William Crist–1992
  • William Draper – 1993
  • Gordon Butler – 1994
  • John Gainer -1995
  • Douglas Cane – 1996
  • John C. Service – 1996
  • Peter Shackleton – 1996
  • Allan R. Wilson – 1998
  • David J. Pilon – 1999
  • Wayne M. Yorke – 2001
  • Susan Hartley – 2002
  • Stephen B Perrott – 2004
  • Richard Braha – 2005
  • Myles Genest- 2007
  • Carolyn Humphreys – 2008
  • Robin McGee – 2011
  • Debra Garland – 2013
  • Lynne Robinson – 2014
  • Patrick O’Neill – 2015
  • Dean Perry – 2016
  • Janice Howes – 2017
  • David Mensink – 2018
  • Shelley Goodwin – 2021
  • Richard MacGillivray – 2022

Lifetime Member

This designation is for long term service for the Association. Several individuals have been named Lifetime members, but a complete list is not available.

List of Recent Lifetime Members

  • Ron Backman – 2015
  • Wayne MacDonald – 2015
  • Louise Stringer Warren – 2015
  • Rilda van Feggelen – 2015
  • Wayne Yorke – 2015
  • Hugh Vincent
  • John Service


On the occasion of the 50th anniversary, the designation of Pioneer was bestowed as a special honour on five living APNS members who played a large role in the early development of the Association.

List of Pioneers

  • Valerie Corkum -2015
  • Victor Day – 2015
  • Charles Hayes – 2015
  • John Service – 2015
  • Hugh Vincent 2015