Cultural Diversity Committee

The Cultural Diversity Committee is a Standing Committee that develops initiatives that will help increase various types of diversity and understanding of diversity within the profession of psychology in Nova Scotia. Its mandates are:

  • To provide information and support to psychologists in Nova Scotia to assist them to:
    1. provide services to diverse clients in collaboration with the APNS Continuing Education Committee and the APNS Executive Director.
    2. further and support the promotion of diversity amongst psychologists within Nova Scotia.
    3. support other APNS committees who wish to consider diversity issues in their various activities.
  • To connect and liaise with organizations that service diverse populations within Nova Scotia in order to:
    1. identify outreach opportunities to diverse populations to increase diversity within the profession of psychology.
    2. support psychologists from diverse backgrounds with issues of marginalization.

Definition: The term “cultural diversity” is meant to include not only diverse ethnic groups but any group which would be considered a non-majority, or an under-represented “culture” within the field of psychology (e.g., LGBTQ, language, and rural populations, etc.).

Chair: Dr Jason Chatman


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Truth and Reconciliations Commission Workgroup

The Truth and Reconciliations Commission (TRC) Report Workgroup is a working group under the guidance of the Cultural Diversity Committee called together to address the recommendations of the TRC as it applied to Psychology.