Psychology Month

Every February we celebrate Psychology Month in order to highlight psychologists and to teach those within our communities how psychology works and can help them to lead healthier and happier lives.

As the Association of Psychologists of Nova Scotia, every year we host multiple events across the province to teach people the role psychology plays in our lives and in our communities. We do this by having Psychology Talks where a local psychologist holds an open discussion within their field with the goal of informing the public about psychology-related topics and increasing awareness of the services psychologists provide. Often we will pick specific topics that most of our talks will focus on every year.

Psychology Talks 2020

We are kicking off Psychology Month 2020 with a screening of the film A Beautiful Mind at the Halifax Central Library, O’Regan Hall on Sunday, February 2 at 1 pm. Admission is free and immediately following the screening, we will have a group discussion led by Dr Jo Durup, R.Psych. to discuss mental health issues that are dealt with in the film, focusing on schizophrenia and delusional episodes.

Although February is Psychology Month, this year our Psychology Talks have expanded into March and April. APNS is partnering with community Libraries across Nova Scotia to offer these free information sessions on important mental health topics.

Our topics this year include: Parenting issues, such as children or teens with anxiety or ADHD. Other topics aimed at adults include mindfulness, Borderline Personality Disorder, couples’ issues and resiliency.

We are working with the Central Halifax Library to present monthly talks. Due to COVID we are postponing this. Tentative topics are:

  • Getting back into a routine after COVID-19
  • Dealing with children and sleep
  • Dispelling myths around sex
  • Dealing with holiday stress/anxiety