Psychology Month

Every February we celebrate Psychology Month in order to highlight psychologists and to teach those within our communities how psychology works and can help them to lead healthier and happier lives.

As the Association of Psychologists of Nova Scotia, every year we host multiple events across the province to teach people the role psychology plays in our lives and in our communities. We do this by having Psychology Talks where a local psychologist holds an open discussion within their field with the goal of informing the public about psychology-related topics and increasing awareness of the services psychologists provide. Often we will pick specific topics that most of our talks will focus on every year.

Psychology Month 2021

Like many things Psychology Month will be a little different this year.

Since the public libraries are not available for our regular presentations, we will be presenting selected webinars on the APNS website.

APNS will be kicking off a Public Awareness Campaign about Psychology and Psychologists. This is a social media-based initiative that will present facts and provide answers to some of the common questions we get about Psychology.

What can you do to help us celebrate Psychology Month?

1. Contact us If you want to present a webinar or have a presentation that you would like us to promote.

2. Watch the APNS website and read the group email notices with Psychology Month updates.

3. Follow us on social media. We encourage you to visit us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. Here are the links.

4. We need you to help get the message out to the public, please share our messages.