Carlye Smith-Burke

RPsych (Registered Psychologist)

  • Highest Academic Graduate Degree: MA
  • Gender: Female
  • NSBEP Reg. # R0826

Carlye specializes in comprehensive psychological assessments with children, adolescents, and young adults. She applies a collaborative approach to assessment to include clients, families, schools, and other professionals in the assessment process. Carlye is passionate about helping children learn to the best of their ability and has a strong understanding of the way in which learning disabilities, cognitive deficits, intellectual delays, ADHD, and giftedness may lead to challenges at school and at home. Her years of experience in the school system enable her to develop practical, evidence-based recommendations tailored to support each individual that can be implemented effectively by families and school professionals.

Carlye offers bilingual assessment services to students enrolled in French Immersion programs and francophone schools.

In addition to assessment, Carlye provides services to support clients and their families with school-related difficulties associated with learning, behaviour, social, and emotional challenges. She also offers consultation and advocacy services to support parents as they develop knowledge and skills to advocate for their child’s needs in school and community settings.

Carlye is dedicated to working with clients, their families, and their schools to assist them in understanding their individual strengths and challenges, supporting them in achieving their academic goals, and developing into happy, confident individuals.

Practitioner Particulars

Private Practice

Smith-Burke Psychology

1480 Fall River Road
Fall River NS  B2T 1J1
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Carlye Smith-Burke’s Availability

Days, evenings and weekends.
Currently doing assessments only. Will see clients in-person.
Will direct bill to Blue Cross.

Supplemental Notes

Will direct bill to insurers.