Dr Jo Durup

RPsych (Registered Psychologist)

  • Highest Academic Graduate Degree: PhD
  • Gender: Female
  • NSBEP Reg. # R0695

Dr Durup was trained in Nova Scotia (MSc in Clinical/Community Psychology from Acadia, and a PhD in Clinical Psychology from Dalhousie), however her work has taken her across Canada and also in the USA. For over 25 years, she has served clients of varying ages, coping with a broad range of problems.

Dr Durup’s clinical experience is broad; she has served work-based, hospital-based, court-based, prison-based, military-based, public safety/law enforcement, and general populations. Her clinical work is very much informed by the literature, as she has an extensive teaching and research background. Her research has been in the area of Work and Family Stress, and she has specialized in these areas in her clinical work.

In addition to her work, she has been very active in her community with volunteer work, serving on several boards/committees, promoting continuing education for her colleagues, and carrying out public education initiatives for adults and youth in the community. Dr Durup maintains a full tool-box of therapeutic approaches, strategies, and techniques on which she draws to address the problems her clients face. The choice of tool is arrived at through a collaborative process with the client, taking into consideration the nature of the problem, the characteristics of the client, and the stage of change where the client finds himself or herself. She aims to help clients improve their quality of life by overcoming the stresses of life, learning to cope with personal difficulties and distress, and finding a sense of calm, personal growth, and joy.

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Jo Durup, Registered Psychologist

1306 Bedford Highway
Halifax NS  B4A 1C8
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