Eileen M Donahoe

RPsych (Registered Psychologist)

  • Highest Academic Graduate Degree: PhD
  • Gender: Female
  • NSBEP Reg. # R0355

My background is in mental health and I am especially interested in anxiety and Posttraumatic reactions.

I have provided much consultation to other therapists over the past 24 years. Case discussion and problem solving about how to get unstuck is something I really enjoy. In addition to helping people conceptualize the issues and their next steps, I am a good resource person for the literature on trauma, and attachment. I can efficiently help people find resources that help others to learn things that help enhance their knowledge base.

Additionally, I am interested in how therapists and health care providers maintain their own well-being as they deal with the unique stressors of being a therapist who deals with complex systems. I am interested in exploring what we can do personally and collectively.

Practitioner Particulars

Private Practice

Eileen Donahoe, Registered Psychologist

Suite 5
PO Box 500
963 Highway #358
Port Williams NS  B0P 1T0
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Eileen M Donahoe’s Availability

Monday to Friday, and some evenings
is accepting new clients but has a waitlist of about 2 weeks