Job Opportunity at Lorelei Walsh Park & Associates

POSITION: Permanent Part-time Position (hybrid position so could work full-time hours splitting time between in person and virtual work)
ORGANIZATION: Lorelei Walsh Park & Associates
LOCATION: Oromocto, New Brunswick

A group of two experienced clinical psychologists, one experienced licensed counselling therapist and an experienced psychometrist in private practice in Oromocto, New Brunswick.  The practice has been open in Oromocto, New Brunswick since 2004 and has a well-established referral and client base.  We offer evidence-based orientations of psychotherapy and provide psychodiagnostic and cognitive assessment to a mostly adult population ranging in age from young adult to seniors.

Job description:

Lorelei Walsh Park & Associates is offering a permanent part- time employment opportunity (could work full -time splitting time between in person and virtual work) for a Clinical Psychologist with a competitive hourly rate depending on experience and licensing status, a retention bonus ranging from $5000 to $10,000 and up to $5000 of relocation assistance.  Consideration will also be given to candidates interested in exploring contract opportunities although no retention bonus or relocation assistance will be offered for a contract position and a number of employment perks and benefits listed below will not be offered.

Why join us:

Working for Lorelei Walsh Park & Associates gives you considerable flexibility in your career working in-person in a well-appointed office location as well as virtually from your already established home office space, an east coast lifestyle and the chance to work with an interesting, challenging and motivated population consisting of members of the Canadian Armed Forces, Veterans, police and emergency services workers and their families. Administration and billing support is provided from virtual locations allowing for complete confidentiality for clients and their families.  Files can be kept digitally through a central portal but the option to keep a paper file is available as well.  Training allowances and financial support for continuing education and pursuit of opportunities for professional growth are provided to a yearly limit should you choose to sign an employment contract and there is no need to worry about paying your licensing or practice insurance fees as we cover those as well (through direct and timely reimbursement to you) for part-time (pro-rated) and full-time employees.

Lorelei Walsh Park & Associates is an equal opportunity employer. We have been dedicated to providing the highest quality evidence-based psychological services for almost 20 years in Oromocto, New Brunswick. 

Your Qualifications:

  • Must be eligible to be licensed as a Psychologist under the New Brunswick College of Psychologists Act. Interim Members who are seeking employment will be provided with College supervision free of charge with one of our licensed psychologists.
  • A degree in clinical psychology from a university accredited by the Canadian Psychological Association or the American Psychological Association.
  • If a recent graduate or recently licensed (in the last 6 months) you should be able to demonstrate that you have two years of full time equivalent experience under the supervision of a licensed psychologist and within the last five years you should have considerable experience in completing psychodiagnostic assessments as well as cognitive assessments, including differential diagnosis, and providing cognitive behavioural therapy (at a minimum) and trauma processing therapy (i.e. CPT, EMDR) for adults with PTSD, anxiety and mood disorders and other various mental health concerns.
  • Written and spoken competence in English is required.  Written and spoken competence in French is an asset.

Additional Requirements:

A vulnerable sector screening is required for this position.

Your duties and responsibilities:

The qualified candidate will be able to conduct a thorough clinical interview, administer (in person and virtually when appropriate) a variety of objective psychological assessment protocols, score and produce a comprehensive psychological assessment report (including referral question, background history, measures administered, results presentation and interpretation, diagnosis, summary and recommendations) addressing a variety of psychological, personality, and some neuropsychological and academic concerns to clients from high-risk occupations (military, first responders, police services) and veterans with a variety of psychological and cognitive presentations.   The qualified candidate will be competent in the provision of a number of evidence-based orientations of psychotherapy including CBT, CPT, and ACT.  Competence in providing EMDR would be an asset.

The qualified candidate has excellent observational skills and report writing skills. The qualified candidate participates and works cooperatively and respectfully with the clinical director, business director, other clinical staff, support staff and all clients and their families.

The qualified candidate may, at times have the opportunity to provide supervision to students from local universities and interim members of CPNB.

The qualified candidate will complete assessment reports for assessments conducted, progress reports and discharge summaries in a timely manner.

The qualified candidate should be able to work from a seated position for extended periods of time for the purpose of assessing concerns of a behavioral, psychological, and or neurocognitive nature and may at times work with client’s family members as well.   The qualified candidate should be able to lift 20 pounds and reach into deep filing cabinets (as low as 2 feet from the floor and as high as 5 feet from the floor) for files and testing materials.

The qualified candidate should be comfortable using multiple digital platforms (testing programs, digital file system, email, e-fax system) and in maintaining and closing a physical and digital client assessment or therapy file.

The qualified candidate should be comfortable in contacting clients to reschedule missed appointments or cancelled appointments when required.

The qualified candidate should be comfortable in coordinating their work pace to meet referral source expectations and be sensitive to the schedules of our two part-time virtual support staff and other clinical staff.

The qualified candidate will communicate hours worked on a weekly basis to the billing clerk as needed and maintain a spreadsheet of hours worked and duties performed for each client. The qualified candidate will provide a bi-weekly timesheet to the business director for review prior to their payroll being released by the accounting staff.

Other perks and benefits:

Retention bonus ranging from $5000 to $10,000 for those interested in an employment contract

Assistance with relocation expenses up to $5,000 for those interested in an employment contract

Paid license and insurance fees for those interested in an employment contract

Paid training and continuing education of interest up to a yearly limit for those interested in an employment contract

Support of research interests

Opportunity to supervise graduate students

Yearly bonuses for those interested in an employment contract

Regular pay increases for those interested in an employment contract

Provided with 4% vacation pay for those interested in an employment contract

Set your own hours as your life and family expectations change over time

No overhead or fees to set up a business and maintain your own staff

High quality care for clients

Supervision, either College or peer, provided free of charge

Motivated client population

Diverse and challenging presenting issues

Easy access to therapy and assessment resources and general practice supplies

Willing to purchase new materials/books/manuals that you already use but we don’t currently own

SARS-CoV2 safe and aware office location providing CO2 monitoring and high quality air filtration/all required PPE provided

Interested or have questions: Please contact or submit your CV to Dr. Lorelei Walsh Park at to apply