Dr. Frank Fedde

Dr. Fedde has a special interest in Chronic Pain, PTSD & Anxiety, Burn-out & Stress Coping, Hypnosis, Sleep Management, Procrastination, and treatment-resistant Depression. He treats Adults, Families, Children age 11+, and Couples.

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Dr Patricia Gerrior

Dr Gerrior is a registered psychologist with more than 27 years experience providing evidence based mental health treatments to children, youth and young adults. She utilizes a variety of treatment approaches to assist those struggling with fears …

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Dr Jennifer Hendrick

Dr. Jennifer Hendrick provides psychological services to adults who are impacted by depression, other mood disorders, low self-esteem, and stress in their workplace or personal lives.  She also assists individuals who are experiencing difficult …

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Tracy Iveson

Tracy Iveson is a registered counselling psychologist practicing in Bedford. She provides services to adults.  Originally from England, Tracy moved to Northern Ireland in 1999 to complete a BSc in Psychology and received an MSc in Counselling …

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Chimène Jewer

Chimene Jewer is Registered Psychologist with over 16 years of clinical experience providing assessment and treatment to adults, children and adolescents. She received a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from Acadia University in 2005. She has …

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Erica Lundberg

Ms. Lundberg works with adolescents and adults up to retirement age. She focuses primarily on mood disorders, anxiety disorders, traumatic stress, and gender and sexuality issues.  Ms. Lundberg is a flexible practitioner, motivated to build …

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