Active Approach Health & Wellness Centre

POSITION: Psychologist
ORGANIZATION: Active Approach Health & Wellness Centre
LOCATION: Halifax, Nova Scotia

Active Approach Health & Wellness Centre has operated as a busy multi-disciplinary health clinic in Halifax for the past 18 years. Our patient-centered, integrative approach to diagnosis, treatment and patient education has created longstanding, trusting practitioner-patient relationships from all corners of the province. We offer patients a variety of therapeutic options to help them achieve a healthy and active lifestyle. Our team of healthcare providers employ various hands-on techniques and therapeutic treatment modalities to ultimately help patients achieve their health goals quickly and with minimized risk of injury recurrence.

We are looking for a psychologist to join our clinical team at our Halifax clinic. The ideal candidate will be a driven, independent, and passionate healthcare provider dedicated to providing quality individualized care for each and every one of their patients. Excellent communication, patient management, and therapeutic skills are required. The psychologist is expected to maintain a high level of standard for every patient engagement. Professionalism, integrity, and keen attention to detail are essential. The demand for mental health services amongst our existing patient base is extremely high, and as such, our clinical team requires internal psychology services available for quick and seamless patient referrals.

The clinical environment is integrative in nature working with evidence-informed chiropractors and massage therapists. This opportunity can be structured in either a full-support position where all administrative processes, appointment booking, treatment billing and marketing can be included. Alternatively, it can be structured as a room rental agreement. You will have use of a private, quiet office for patient comfort and privacy.

The ideal candidate will have the following qualifications:
● A Masters or Doctoral degree in Psychology from an accredited program
● A Registered or Candidate Registered Psychologist in good standing with the Nova Scotia Board of Examiners in Psychology (NSBEP)
● Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
● The ability to work independently, problem solve, and adapt to unique patient needs
● A passion for providing patient-centered, evidence-based care with an unwavering focus on optimizing the patient experience
● The ability to demonstrate collaborative work amongst colleagues and administrative employees
● A professional presence to network with other healthcare professionals in the community

What You Can Expect From Active Approach:
● A highly competitive commission split or room rental rate (based on preference)
● A professional, private, and fully equipped consultation room
● An internal referral network from a team of 7 healthcare professionals
● Efficient administrative support and processes to help maintain an efficient treatment schedule

This psychologist opportunity is available to start immediately. For additional information or to submit your CV, please contact Dr. Richard Thompson at Learn more about us at