Dr. Daniel Chorney & Associates Psychological Services

Our practice is committed to providing the highest quality, evidence-based psychological services to children and adults in Halifax. We provide a collaborative and supportive work environment for psychologists so that they can focus on providing effective care to clients.

Psychologists at our practice are provided with the following:

  • Competitive compensation/pay
  • Six weeks of vacation time and flexible hours (both online and/or in-person)
  • A fully furnished office space in central Halifax, Nova Scotia
  • Software and tools to provide services online or in-person (paid for by practice)
  • Almost 24/7 access to support and consultation from other psychologists within the practice to help support newer psychologists
  • Independence to set limits on types of clients treated and your workflow
  • Immediate referrals/clients/caseload without you needing to advertise
  • Ability to practice independently from home or in-person with flexibility in your work week

We are currently seeking someone with the following qualifications:

  • A PhD or PsyD in Psychology (Clinical Psychology or Counselling Psychology)
  • A dedication to providing evidence-based psychological treatments

Two positions are currently available – 1) a part-time position (approx. 6-8 billable hours per week) and  2) a full-time position (approximately 15-20+hrs per week or more if desired). Starting date is very flexible, and daytime, evening, and/or weekend hours are all available (in-person or online via telehealth).

Interested psychologists should contact Dr. Chorney directly by email at drchorney@gmail.com. Please include a brief cover letter (including the names and contact information of two references) and recent curriculum vitae when applying.

For more information about our practice, please visit our website at www.chorneyandassociates.com.