A Brief from CPA: Mental health and substance use health investments

CPA, after engaging a number of key informants from across the mental health, substance use health and other health sectors, is releasing a Brief that has been prepared by Santis Health that provides a roadmap to guide federal-provincial-territorial collaboration in mental health and substance use health.

From the interviews, 10 recommendations emerged that focus on mental health and substance use health services. Three core recommendations include: (1) the need for a more transparent and accountable relationship between the federal and provincial and territorial governments; (2) the importance of sharing (and learning) from on-the-ground innovations that drive meaningful change; and (3) ensuring that we have the capacity to measure, monitor and effectively manage our mental health and substance use health systems.

It is our hope these recommendations will contribute to a more constructive and collaborative relationship between the federal, and provincial and territorial governments (and their supporting agencies), and will lead to meaningful change to address and improve the mental health and substance use health of all Canadians.    

Also, you may be aware that the Canadian Alliance on Mental Illness and Mental Health (CAMIMH) has been a leading national voice in strongly encouraging the federal government to commit to providing sustainable funding to support accessible and inclusive mental health and substance use health services. With the objective of continuing to raise our voice and visibility at important moments in time, CAMIMH will be releasing the attached news release.

We suspect that the discussion on Tuesday, and the days that follow in lead up to the federal government’s Budget 2023 will be very interesting and potentially impactful for our communities.

Please follow the links to read the the Santis CPA Brief and CPA news release, as well as the CAMIMH news release.