Presentation of the 2022 APNS Awards

APNS presented the 2022 Awards to the following recipients at its AGM on May 27th.
More information about the awards.

Fellow of the Association honours those individuals who have made significant and enduring contributions to APNS. They are psychologists who have helped shape the Association and have contributed to the development of psychology in Nova Scotia.  Recipient – Dr. Richard MacGillivray

The Dr. Charles J.A. Hayes Lifetime Contribution Award recognizes those psychologists who have spent a significant part of their professional lifetime supporting the profession of psychology at the provincial, national and international level. The name of the Award serves to honour Dr. Charles J.A. Hayes, a well-respected Psychologist and long-time APNS member.  Recipient – Dr. Victor Day

The APNS Excellence in Psychology Award recognizes those mid-career psychologists who have demonstrated excellence in their professional activities. The award may be given for work in a particular area of practice, work setting, specific population or treatment approach, or in respect to their peers.  Recipient – Dr. Erica Baker

The Outstanding APNS Early Career Psychologist Award recognizes those in the first 10 years of their career who have actively participated in APNS and in so doing have advanced their career in psychology. Recipient –  no nominations for 2022

The Outstanding APNS Student Award addresses the challenges of preparing for a career in psychology at the Masters or Doctoral level, and recognizes those who have participated in APNS and who plan to pursue a career in psychology in Nova Scotia.  Recipient – no nominations for 2022

The APNS Community Service Award for Psychologists recognizes the contributions of psychologists who do outstanding volunteer service beyond their role as a psychologist, including on-going volunteer work for a specific community or cause, fostering inclusion, promoting understanding or health promotion initiatives. Recipient – Kay Jenson

The APNS Community Service Award in Mental Health recognizes non-psychologists who have made valuable contributions to the community in a health and wellness setting or through activities that raise awareness or advocate on mental health issues. Recipient – no nominations for 2022

The APNS Diversity in Psychology Bursary assists diverse Psychology students who are in need of support while pursuing a post-secondary education in Psychology.  There were two recipients this year.  Recipients – Noemie Bergeron-Germain, Acadia and Andy Kim, Dalhousie

The Gerald Gordon Memorial Prize for Psychology is awarded for outstanding undergraduate achievement in Psychology in Nova Scotia. It is named for Dr. Gerald Gordon to honour the contribution he made to APNS. Recipient – Jillian Taylor, St. Mary’s

The Brian Dufton Memorial Prize for Psychology is awarded for outstanding graduate achievement in Psychology in Nova Scotia. It is named for Dr. Brian Dufton to honour the contribution he made to the education of Psychology students.            Recipient – Ioan Tiberiu Mahu, Dalhousie