The CPAP Dr. Rhonda Matters Memorial Award Winner – Dr. David Pilon

APNS is pleased to announce that APNS member Dr. David Pilon is the first recipient of the Council of Professional Associations of Psychologists (CPAP) Dr. Rhonda Matters Memorial Award.

Dr. Pilon is a long-time, active member of APNS and we are delighted that he is being honoured at the national level for his dedication and commitment to advocacy in so many ways, and particularly for his substantial contribution to APNS over the past three decades. We would also like to thank Dr. Shelley Goodwin, who nominated Dr. Pilon for this prestigious award.

This memorial award will be presented annually and honours Dr. Rhonda Matters, a long-time CPAP member and highly-respected psychologist, whose career modeled lifetime commitment to the profession. The award recognizes long-term involvement and engagement in one’s professional association and significant or sustained contribution to the profession of psychology at the provincial, territorial, national, and international levels.

Dr. Pilon will receive a gift of a painting by Paul Alan, an artist who resides in Dr. Matters’ home province of Prince Edward Island. This painting is of Prince Edward Island’s famed Teacup Rock. The painting was created before Teacup Rock’s demise in Hurricane Fiona. The painting will be presented to Dr. Pilon by Dr. Jennifer Richards, the APNS CPAP Representative. (See photo below)

The next Call for Nominations for the Dr. Rhonda Matters Memorial Award will be announced in the autumn. We hope you will consider nominating another deserving psychologist from Nova Scotia for this award.